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Unusual Bookmarks

No, I didn’t find a diamond ring in a returned book at the library, but someone else did!  Can you imagine waking up one morning and not being able to remember where you put your ring?  How embarrassing.

Checking in books for hours at time must be mind numbing work.  I’ve never worked in that part of a library, but I would think finding the occasional “bookmark” made the job more interesting.  I’m sure the people I worked with at the library found their fair share of unusual items left in books. 

But others have found all sorts of unusual items presumably used as bookmarks:  a strip of bacon, a condom (unused!), an 1879 marriage certificate, a golf scorecard signed by Sandy Koufax and Don Drysdale, and even a $100 bill.

Check out this article to discover what other items have been left behind in books!


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Something Naughty

I found this website to be hilarious.  It’s called Read at Work and is designed to fool your boss.  When you first go to the website you see the blue log-in screen.  Then this generic desktop loads and you can read books in a variety of PowerPoint versions.

If your boss comes around unexpectedly, hit the escape key and you’ll be returned to the desktop.  Very clever.  Oh, the one trick is getting out of the desktop.  Go to Start and then Logoff.

Happy Reading!

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Library Book Dominoes

 I’d hate to be the person who has to put all these books away!!

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Betty Glover Workout Tape

Okay you slackers, get moving!

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Becoming All Too True

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Catalog Card Generator

My mind always goes blank when trying to complete these things, but it’s great fun trying out different fantasies.  Here’s my effort:

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Mercedes Benz Commercial

You are probably thinking, “huh?”  Well it isn’t often you find commercials taking place inside a library, but this one does.  I want to apologize in advance to any blonde readers, since this commercial is not what you might refer to as politically correct.  The thing is it could have been just as funny if a teenager wearing a mohawk played the central role and the advertiser found another way to tie it to their product.

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Bill Clinton Library Spoof

For those of you who are politically inclined, this is in honor of Hillary Clinton’s run for the presidency and the speech she gave last night at the Democratic National Convention.

I voted for Clinton twice and thought he was a good president.  I even took a vacation, by myself, to Little Rock, Arkansas, to see his library for myself. 

I think Bill would laugh at this attempt to poke fun at him.

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Computer Perfection

I’m a retired librarian, keep that in mind!  As a public servant there were too many times when I had to hold my tongue and times when I simply had to go outside and scream to release the stress.

How I wish we could have employed some of these on our computer system:

My favorite?  The one about adult entertainment.

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Book Origami

I’ve always loved origami, so this find on YouTube was perfect.  Someday soon I’m going to try and follow along to see if I can one for myself!

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