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Blog Update

I started a new job nearly two weeks ago and am finding I have less and less time for both reading and for blogging.  I’ll try to post a couple times a week but I probably won’t have the time for a while for daily posting.

Keep checking!


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Country’s Oldest Librarian

Happy Birthday to Martha Smith, the country’s oldest librarian, who turned 103 years young today.  She still works at the Coal Creek Library in Vinland, KS.  Six years ago she was given an award by the Kansas Department of Human Resources for being the oldest female worker in Kansas.

She’s never seen mountains or an ocean, nor has she flown in an airplane.  The farthest she’s been is to Nebraska.

What’s her secret to life?  Be kind and give up gravy!

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Dress A Librarian

This is just plain fun.  You undress the librarian by clicking and dragging on any piece of clothing.  So what are you waiting for?

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This blog will be mostly about books, but occasionally I’ll throw in some other thoughts as well.  I’ve never written book reviews before, so I’m hoping this won’t be too difficult!

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