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Library Day

I just rode my bike to the library to return several items and to pick up a few more.  The sky looked threatening in both directions, but I made it home without getting a drop of rain on any of my library books.

Although I don’t pay for cable television, I see enough Jon Stewart clips on the Internet to appreciate the comic genius of Lewis Black.  For this reason alone, I wanted to like this book.  I read a few pages, skipped a few pages, read a few more but Lewis never drew me in and gave me a reason to keep reading.

I know some folks who will keep reading a book in the hopes it will get expontentially better.  Not me.  If the book doesn’t speak to me fairly early on, then I put it down and move onto to something else.  If I have nothing else to read, I might go back, but often I end up returning the book to the library and forgetting about it all together.

Death Angel was another book I really wanted to like, but the characters were flat and uninteresting.  I read about 25 pages one night, put the book down and never felt compelled to pick it up again.  It got returned today, along with Me of Little Faith.  It’s a bit ironic that I had another book, also called Death Angel by Linda Howard sitting on my stack and that book grabbed my attention from the beginning and kept me reading til the end.  A bit on the trashy side, but entertaining, nonetheless.


Ah, this was the last unread book I returned with the others.  I think I read a great review of this book somewhere and thought for sure I would like it.   Amazon has it rated as a 5-star book, although it only received 4 reviews.  Still, I wanted to like it because it combines a strong female protagonist, politics, and a conspiracy.  Right up my alley.  Sometimes I can return to a book later and find it fascinating.  Perhaps that will be the case with this one.

Look for reviews on Here If You Need Me soon.  I’m about half way through it and know I will be finishing it.  I picked up a few more books at the library and have them listed in the What’s Next page.  Check back to see if they were winners or losers.


August 25, 2008 - Posted by | Books

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