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Kabul Beauty School by Deborah Rodriguez

I don’t remember how I discovered this gem of a book or how long it’s been since I read it.  But it was a charming, funny, delightful way to learn more about the Afghani people and one American woman who risked it all to help some of them. 

Reading about people trying to live their lives peacefully while bombs are exploding all around them, gives one pause when considering the efficacy of war.  I’m sure there are times when war is necessary, but I don’t think the decision to go to war should ever be taken lightly.

The book starts with the author’s bad marriage and her need to do something, anything to make a difference after the tragedy of 9/11.  She’s also a hairdresser in small town, Holland, Michigan, but she sees no way she can convince any non-governmental agencies working in Afghanistan to find her work as a

Deborah Rodriquez

Deborah Rodriguez

hairdresser!  So she takes a couple of disaster training classes and volunteers to spend a month in Afghanistan doing whatever she can to help.

As it turns out there are no decent hairdressers in Afghanistan so all the NGO workers from around the world flock to her room for haircuts and she’s found her niche.  She’s feisty, funny, brave, caring, all the qualities you’d want in a friend. 

Ultimately her contribution to bettering the lives of Afghanis is to establish a beauty school in Kabul so women can become self-sufficient.  What tenacity it must have taken for her to do this.

I loved this book, so I’m giving it an A.


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