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Second Glance by Jodi Picoult

I love Jodi Picoult and have read most of her books.  Admittedly some have been better than others and Second Glance wasn’t one of my all-time favorites.  But it has grown on me and it has stayed with me for a long time

I read this book over a year ago and about a year after my mother died.  It’s basically a ghost story and requires a stretch of the imagination to fully enjoy.  Most of Picoult’s books are rooted firmly in reality and are altogether believable.  This one, though, has a fair amount of Stephen King qualities to it, such as the ground freezing in the middle of winter and rose petals falling from the sky.

I still think this book is worth reading, but you’ll have to slog through a messy beginning to get to the good parts.  Be patient and keep reading!  Some books aren’t worth it, but this one is.  I think this is a B book.

Now the reason why this book has stayed with me is because after my mother died and after I read this book, strange electrical-type things started happening at my house.  Like the time I woke up about midnight to a steady beeping coming from somewhere near the kitchen.  By the time I was fully awake and stumbled to the kitchen to investigate, the beeping stopped.  The next night it happened again, but this time I was a bit quicker getting to the kitchen.  But the beeping stopped while I was searching for its source.  The next night I decided to stay up and watch tv to see if it would beep again.  What I discovered was that a small, atomic clock I brought home from my mother’s house, had an alarm on it and this is what was going off at midnight!  So I turned off the alarm and thought that was the end of it.  But no!  The next night, the alarm went off again!  What I discovered was that there were two alarms on the clock and now the 2nd one was going off at midnight.  The strange thing is that I’m sure this had not been happening prior to this because I’m a very light sleeper and would surely have heard it.  So why was it going off all of a sudden?  Having just read Jodi’s book, I began thinking of ghosts or spirits and had to wonder whether it was my mom coming for a visit!

Shortly after this a couple of other strange things happened.  We have a battery-operated clock in our living room and one morning it was about half an hour fast!  I reset it and it kept time fine.  Has anyone else ever had a clock speed up, rather than slow down?  Actually this has happened another time since then with the same clock and this is one we’ve owned for more than ten years.  The other odd thing that happened was the remote control for the bedroom tv just stopped working and a change of batteries didn’t help.  Several weeks later, I picked it up again and it worked perfectly. 

So, do you believe in ghosts or spirits?


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