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The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder by Vincent Bugliosi

For someone my age and older, Vincent Bugliosi is best known as the prosecutor of Charles Manson and author of the book, Helter Skelter.  I was probably in my late teens, early twenties when I read Helter Skelter, and it scared the bejeebus out of me!

This book should scare you, too, but for a different reason.  What Bugliosi does is lay out his case for the prosecution of George W. Bush for the murder of American soldiers in Iraq.  No person is above the law in the United States, and that includes the president. 

Bugliosi’s argument is that Bush told two lies to the American public in order to convince us that we must invade a country that had not attacked us:  One, Hussein was an imminent threat to the United States, and Two, Hussein and the attacks on New York on 9/11/2001, were related.  He provides documented evidence of his claims and reminds the reader that there is no statute of limitations on murder.

Perhaps the new Attorney General of the United States will be brave enough to consider this case, and if not, then any Attorney General in any state that has lost a soldier in Iraq can also bring charges against Bush. 

Although I believe Bugliosi puts forth an excellent case, there are times when he devolves into hyperbole.  I really don’t think it was necessary, but it’s evident that Bugliosi is outraged by the way BushCo. has been handled by the mainstream media.

Read the book and decide for yourself.  Or you can get a bit more information here.  This book gets an A-.


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