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Merry Christmas

What?  No room for a tree?  Then all you need do is rearrange your bookshelves, and voila, you’re in the holiday spirit!


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Alberta’s Libraries: CPR and Mount Everest

I’m a sucker for ads about libraries.  I think you’ll enjoy this one:

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Blog Update

I started a new job nearly two weeks ago and am finding I have less and less time for both reading and for blogging.  I’ll try to post a couple times a week but I probably won’t have the time for a while for daily posting.

Keep checking!

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Pop Up ABC Book

Pop up books are so much fun but they also don’t hold up well because they are so delicate.  This would make a wonderful Christmas gift for a child who has learned to be careful when turning pages.

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Unusual Bookmarks

No, I didn’t find a diamond ring in a returned book at the library, but someone else did!  Can you imagine waking up one morning and not being able to remember where you put your ring?  How embarrassing.

Checking in books for hours at time must be mind numbing work.  I’ve never worked in that part of a library, but I would think finding the occasional “bookmark” made the job more interesting.  I’m sure the people I worked with at the library found their fair share of unusual items left in books. 

But others have found all sorts of unusual items presumably used as bookmarks:  a strip of bacon, a condom (unused!), an 1879 marriage certificate, a golf scorecard signed by Sandy Koufax and Don Drysdale, and even a $100 bill.

Check out this article to discover what other items have been left behind in books!

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Works of Art

This was created by Canadian artist, Tom Bendtsen.  It is made of 10,000 books and is 10 feet tall!


You can see more here.

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Another Book Clock

This is a classic clock that I think any bibliophile would love to received as a gift.  It’s $27.99 and available from Perpetual Kid.

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Library Rap

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Book Earrings

Christmas will be here before you know it.  If you have a female book lover on your list, then consider making these cute book earrings:

The instructions can be found at this wikiHow site.

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Lookybook Website

If you have young children or grandchildren, you might enjoy this site.  It’s not the same as having a child curl up in your lap with a book, but it might work if you are homebound or are looking for something new.  Click on the logo above for more information.

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